How do you say the name Versailles?

How do you say the name Versailles?

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How do you say Versailles in Spanish?

vɛrˈsaɪ, vər-Ver·sailles.

How is Versailles spelled?

a city in and the capital of Yvelines, in N France, about 12 miles (19 km) SW of Paris: palace of the French kings; peace treaty between the Allies and Germany 1919.

What does the word Versailles mean in old French?

Name. The argument over the etymology of Versailles tends to privilege the Latin word versare, meaning "to keep turning, turn over and over", an expression used in medieval times for plowed lands, cleared lands (lands that had been repeatedly "turned over").

Is Versailles a French word?

Etymology 1 Borrowed from French Versailles, of uncertain Latin origin (see French entry below), possibly ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *wértti (“to be turning around”).

How do you pronounce Chateau de Versailles?

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How is New Orleans pronounced?

New OR-lins You may have heard the proper way to pronounce New Orleans is "NAW-lins," but locals will tell you that's not the case. "New Or-LEENZ," with a long E sound, is also off the mark. Most locals opt for the simple "New OR-lins," and some even say it with four syllables: "New AHL-lee-ins.

Is Versailles a name?

The name Versailles is girl's name . This French place name, which may derive from a word meaning "plowed land", is occasionally used for girls. It is best-known for two things: the grand Palace of Versailles, the historic seat of the French royal family; and the Treaty of Versailles, which ended the First World War.

What does Versailles mean weeds?

Verified. in old french the word Versailles means something like "terrain where the weeds have been pulled"

Is Versailles a real place?

Palace of Versailles, former French royal residence and centre of government, now a national landmark. It is located in the city of Versailles, Yvelines département, Île-de-France région, northern France, 10 miles (16 km) west-southwest of Paris.

How do you pronounce de?

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What does the French word chateau mean?

feudal castle Definition of château 1 : a feudal castle or fortress in France. 2 : a large country house : mansion. 3 : a French vineyard estate.

How do locals pronounce Louisiana?

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How do I pronounce Nguyen?

N'win/Ng'win: One syllable. Ng'win is closest to the correct Vietnamese pronunciation. Noo-yen/Ngoo-yen: Two syllables.

How many people are named Versailles?

Versailles is the 364,583rd most numerous last name throughout the world It is held by approximately 1 in 7,361,157 people.

Does Versailles mean terrain where the weeds have been pulled?

“Why Versailles?” inquired the courtiers and ministers. The place was far from Paris and was marshy and wild. Ironically, in old French, the word “Versail” means “land where the weeds have been pulled.”

How do I keep grass from growing in my gravel driveway?

Salt used on a gravel driveway will spread through the soil to kill grass and weeds in surrounding areas. Salt prevents all plants from growing in the soil for several years—if it spreads into your lawn you'll have dead zones in your grass. Use a weed killer designed to kill and prevent weeds instead.

What did Versailles smell like?

Built on swampland, Versailles was described by a visitor in 1764 as an odiferous cesspool of dead cats, urine, excrement, slaughtered pigs, standing water, and mosquitoes. Inside the palace, things smelled different. Many royals in Louis XIV's day eschewed hot water baths, believing them bad for the health.

Where did they poop in Versailles?

Anthony Spaworth's Versailles: A Biography of a Palace informs us, “In the eighteenth century there were public latrines placed in the corridors and stairwells of the palace (of Versailles), the Grand Commons, and the other annexes: these latrines consisted of a room with a wooden seat, or lunette, closed by a cover in …

How do you say France in French?

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How do you pronounce D in French?

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What is a large house in France called?

Chateau. While several types of French buildings are referred to as chateaux, most all of them are grand and prestigious. Many of them sit on plenty of agricultural land and have been restored in recent years with modern features.

Is castle a chateau?

château, in France, during the 13th and 14th centuries, a castle, or structure arranged for defense rather than for residence. Later the term came to designate any seignorial residence and so, generally, a country house of any pretensions.

How do Cajuns say New Orleans?

New Orleans: Pronounced “New or-lins” or “new or-lee-yuns” but not “naw-lins” or “new orl-eens.” Both the parish and the avenue are, however, pronounced “orl-eens.”

Why do Cajuns say Sha?

Sha (sha) – Cajun and Creole slang, derived from the French "cher". A term of affection meaning darling, dear, or sweetheart.

How do you pronounce Siobhan?

Pronounce the "Sio" portion of the name as "Shi" with a soft "ih" sound. Pronounce the "bhan" portion of the name as "vawn." "Vawn" should be pronounced to rhyme with "lawn" or "gone." Combine both syllables of the name to pronounce "Siobhan" as "Shi-vawn."

How do you pronounce the name Saoirse?

Saoirse is pronounced “Sur-sha.” The actress is aware of the difficulty her name creates for people, and she sympathizes with those who fumble over it.

Why is Versailles famous?

The Palace of Versailles is an opulent complex and former royal residence outside of Paris. It has held sway in the public imagination for years because of its architectural grandeur and political history.

How do I keep weeds from growing in my gravel driveway?

To keep weeds from growing up through your gravel driveway, try any of the following methods:

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