Why do Jamaicans say Bloodclaat?

Why do Jamaicans say Bloodclaat?

bloodclaat – Caribbean Dictionary. An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance. A body part intended to be the target of a vicious, brutal blow. bloodclaat (blood cloth) refers to a woman's menstrual period and the device used to soak up that blood such as a tampon.

What does Bloodclaat mean?

A sanitary towel noun. vulgar slang Caribbean. 1A sanitary towel.

Why do Caribbean people say Bloodclot?

The true meaning of the word Bloodclot when used in Jamaica came from blood cloth but when Jamaicans say cloth it comes out as clot. A blood cloth is a feminine hygiene product. So in essence when the word is used in anger towards someone you're basically calling them a tampon.

What are some Jamaican slang words?

These are the top Jamaican sayings and phrases to use when you visit Jamaica:

  • 'Weh Yuh Ah Seh' The literal translation of this Jamaican saying is, “What are you saying?”. …
  • 'Boonoonoonoos' …
  • 'Small Up Yuhself' …
  • 'Wah Gwaan' …
  • 'Irie' …
  • 'Mi Deh Yah, Yuh Know' …
  • 'Weh Yuh Deh Pon' …
  • 'Ya Mon'

What does ras clot mean in Jamaican?

(Jamaica, vulgar) Used to express anger, annoyance or surprise.

What language is Bloodclaat?

Jamaican Creole Literally, "blood cloth" — traditionally, a sanitary napkin.

What does licky licky mean in Jamaican?

You too Licky Licky. You Never Want a Jamaican to call you “Licky Licky” This is similar to beggy beggy but is usually in reference to someone who shows greedy tendencies and will quickly compromise their morals for material gain.

What does PON mean in Jamaica?

pon (Conjunction) Meaning/Description: on.

What does De Rass mean?

An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance. bloodclaat, bumboclaat, bumbohole, pussyclaat, raas, raasclaat, raashole, rassclaat. profanity. Close.

What does Dweet mean Jamaican?

Meaning/Description: do it.

What does blood Fire mean in Jamaican?

1. Noun. A exclamation of surprise used euphemistically in place of the stronger profanities beginning with 'b'. backside, baxcova, blertnaat, blouse an skirt, blow wow, bloweeble, bombaat, brown fowl, bumpy dawg, bungbrook school.

What does screwface mean in Jamaica?

The slang terms “Screwface” is an adjective which is used and originated by Caribbeans and Jamaicans to represent a face of anger or disgust.

What does seh mean in Jamaican?

seh (Verb) Meaning/Description: say.

What is Raas in Jamaican?

An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance. bloodclaat, bumboclaat, bumbohole, pussyclaat, raasclaat, raashole, rass, rassclaat. profanity. Close. Select image to pin for raas ×

What does Bomboclaat mean?

It's also spelled bumboclaat or bomboclaat, among other spellings. It's an insulting vulgarity that literally refers to either menstrual pads or toilet paper.

How do you say thank you in Rastafarian?

Learn how to say "hello", "goodbye", and "thank you".

  1. To say "hello", use: "Wa gwaan" or "Yes I".
  2. To say "goodbye", use: "Me a go", or "Lickle bit".
  3. To say "thank you", use: "Give thanks" or "Praise Jah".

What does PON mean Jamaican?

pon (Conjunction) Meaning/Description: on.

What does YAAD mean in Jamaican?

Yaad definition, pronunciation, and example sentences on Jamaican Patwah. | Yaad – the ground that immediately surrounds a house or building structure.

What does ginal mean in Jamaican?

a stupid person List of Jamaican Patois words of African origin

Patwa Language Description
Ginal Akan (Ashanti Twi) Someone that is not taken seriously, a stupid person. A con-man (in Jamaica only)
Kaba-kaba Yoruba, Akan, Ewe "unreliable, inferior, worthless"
Kongkos Akan "gossip"
Mumu Akan, Ewe, Mende, Yoruba "dumb", "stupid"

What does mi Rass mean?

An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance. Here is one example: mi rass yuh mean she nuh cripple (thought she was handicap)

What is a Skunt?

“ Skunt ” means a person hooked on drugs.

What does Clart mean in Jamaican?

or I'll come around and bruk up your blood clart' – Jamaican lingo for 'I'll beat you up'.

Why do Rastas say Irie?

“Irie” is an adjective form of Ites, meaning the same thing. “Yes I” is a Rasta term, meaning positive vibration. For Rastafarians, the most powerful and significant letter is “I” which can also be used as a word and a number.

What does IYAH mean in Jamaican?

Noun. An informal title used for greeting among male friends.

What does mi YUTE mean?

0. Noun. An informal title used for greeting among male friends. bali, banna, blood, boss, bossman, bredrin, dred, hoss, iyah, mehson, mista man, my bwai.

What does Gyalist mean?

11. Noun. A man who obsessively seduces and deceives women. A promiscuous heterosexual male.

What does brawta mean in Jamaican?

brawta (Adverb) Meaning/Description: extra, a gift, bonus, above expected. It is the Jamaican equivalent of “a baker's dozen”

What is RAS in Jamaican?

Noun. Buttocks or rear end.

What is the meaning of Stund?

1 : an unusual or difficult performance or act acrobatic stunts. 2 : something done for the purpose of gaining attention or publicity. stunt. verb. stunted; stunting.

What does Piff Ting mean in slang?

who is considered an attractive person Piff Ting. Someone who is considered an attractive person.